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Foreign Language Resource No. 2: Make it “Meaningful”

October 4th, 2010|Tags: , , |

Foreign Language Resource: The importance of context As discussed in this blog, learning a foreign language depends much more on the tools you use that your innate "language ability". Use the wrong tools and you can easily start believing that you don’t have the necessary talent to learn a language (when you absolutely do). Use the right tools and methods and you’re natural language ability kicks in. Here I outline the second language method that is independently researched and proven to work.  Foreign Language Method - Make it meaningful Research shows that words and phrases [...]

Foreign Language Resources No. 1 – Another Human Being!

September 26th, 2010|Tags: , , , , |

Use the wrong language resources and you can easily start believing that you don't have the necessary talent to learn a language (when you absolutely do). Use the right resources and you're natural language ability kicks in.

Learning a foreign language like a parrot can seriously slow you down.

September 16th, 2010|Tags: , , |

Foreign Language Learning Tips You're not a parrot. So don't learn a foreign language like one! Cover via Amazon Independent research has shown that some, much used learning methods, are totally inefficient ways to learn a foreign language. The main practice to be placed in the naughty corner is learning by rote (this includes vocabulary lists, phrasebooks and repetition exercises). Dr. H. Douglas Brown in his excellent book “Principles of Language Learning and Teaching” states that if you learn using such products and methods you are likely to suffer from “Systematic Forgetting” – a frightening thought [...]

Learn a foreign language quicker and save money

September 9th, 2010|Tags: , , , |

Learn a foreign language fast (and save money) CDs don't work for learning a foreign language There are a host of foreign language resources that perform poorly. Just by avoiding them you will save yourself time and money. The worst offenders, as shown in independent research, are: CDs, DVDs, Foreign TV, Talking Toys, Audio files, MP3s, Here's the low down in a nutshell: • For young children, CDs, DVDs, Talking Toys, foreign TV etc are of limited or no use at all. Human interaction is by far the best way for young children to learn. [...]

Foreign Language Resources Review

September 2nd, 2010|Tags: , , , |

Guide to Foreign Language Resources Foreign language huh? (Photo credit: Gadget Virtuoso) In this blog I am going to cut to the chase and state what language resources hardly work at all. The statements made here are not a matter of opinion but of independently researched fact. The reason that a lot of these materials fail is that they do not incorporate the 5 proven principles of language learning. Some do not even incorporate a single principle. On the web and in the media in general, there are so many unsubstantiated opinions and [...]

Destroying the myths around learning a foreign language

August 29th, 2010|Tags: , , , , |

How to learn a foreign language We firstly need to dispel some deeply ingrained myths about how to learn a foreign language. Research has shown the following myths to be untrue. Myth 1: It is impossible to learn a foreign language after a certain age. Untrue. Whatever your age, if you want to learn, you can learn. The best time to start learning is now... Myth 2: Children are much better at learning foreign languages than adults Untrue. Children and adults learn languages differently. Research has shown that given the right language resources and language input, adults [...]

Language Resources Review: What the language industry doesn’t want you to know

August 25th, 2010|Tags: , , , , , , , , |

Language Resources Review - MFL Resources that do and don't work Foreign Language Bookshop neon sign (Photo credit: avlxyz) If you are reading this...there is a good chance you have already tried different language resources and have been left feeling disappointed. Finding the best way to learn a foreign language is the right thing to do - but it's not easy. Perhaps you haven’t made a purchase yet but are bewildered and confused. There is a lot to be confused about! There are CDs, talking toys, talking books, text books, audio programs, DVDs, phrasebooks, vocabulary [...]

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