4 Top tips for learning a foreign language at home

Language games can be a fun way to learn a language as a family

Learning is good for the whole family

I have been asked twice in as many weeks for a few top tips for learning a second language at home. So I thought I could share them here.

Language learning thrives when it is part of your daily routine. You cannot expect to make too much progress if language is squeezed into a weekly half hour slot.

So here are four easy ways to get language into your household everyday. We, as a family, have used them all:

  1. I would recommend playing games in a foreign language– real world games are better than on-line games. If language
    foreign books are a great way to learn a language

    read foreign books on a tablet

    learning is seen as fun – then you are more than half way there.

  2. If your children are younger, read foreign books together (starting with simple ones). You can read them beforehand to make sure you know the key words. This is a very powerful language tool – and much more effective than passively watching foreign DVDs and TV programs for instance. If you are reading for yourself consider using Kindle or similar e-reader to learn a second language.
  3. Label items around the house such as the door, fridge, mirror etc. Every time you see the item, say the word.
  4. Practice a few pleasantries at dinner (such as “Pass me the water please”).

These are just a few quick ideas to get you started. The key is to make language part of the normal routine of the house so language can quickly grow. For more ideas check out My 5 Simple Rules Series

An award winning language game in French and Spanish

Learn a language with KLOO family board game

Learning a language can be fun

If you are looking for a language game to play at home with the kids – take a look at KLOO. It has won 9 major awards including Dr Toys Best Classic Toy in the USA, and ToyTalk’s Best Board or Card Game in the UK. With KLOO you race to Madrid or Race to Paris and learn French by learning words and making sentences…and believe it or not its colour code system means you can start making sentences in French in Spanish within 30 seconds – even if you’re an absolute beginner.

Why not watch how easy it is make a French sentence with KLOO cards with this short cartoon video:

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