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2 Techniques to Build Vocabulary super FAST

October 22nd, 2014|

Please don't waste any time on learning vocabulary from lists. Life is too short. Find Discovery Learning and contextual'll learn much, (MUCH) faster.

9 Reasons you Can Learn a Language Easily

October 11th, 2014|

Play and learn a language more faster & more easily What could be easier or more fun? You play A 9-Times-Award-Winning Game…and as you play, learn a language. No studying, no working, no writing – just playing. It’s why parents and Best Board or Card Game of the Year teachers love KLOO. Within seconds players learn how to make grammatically correct sentences…and learn words as they play. Learn 10 x Faster Indeed players effortlessly learn between 15 – 25 words in a 25 minute game. Compare that with the average 15 words a month learned [...]

The key to learning Spanish is context

October 3rd, 2014|

Context helps lock Spanish words in the long term memory Young Man learns speaks 11 languages fluently including Spanish I was struck by the recent news of a young man who is fluent in 11 languages. There is a lovely piece on him on the BBC where he does in fact speak in all 11 languages - including Spanish. It is significant that he said only one thing about what makes it easier for him to learn new languages and I wrote it down word for word. He stated: "THE EASIEST WAY TO LEARN IS [...]

Never be lost for words in French! Build French Vocabulary fast

October 1st, 2014|

What's the best way to build your French vocabulary? Hand gestures only get you so far The bedrock of learning French, or indeed any language, is vocabulary. Without it your ability to communicate is limited to pointing and hand gestures (and we can even get the meanings of those wrong!) When we start learning French we need to accumulate high frequency words...words that are useful, appear often in the language and can be used in multiple situations. With several hundred well chosen words you can go a long way. What's the best way to [...]

Learning Spanish like a Parrot can seriously slow you down

September 30th, 2014|

Spanish Language Learning Tips Don't learn to talk Spanish like a Parrot! We're not parrots! So why do we still learn parrot fashion? Independent research has shown that some, much used learning methods, are totally inefficient ways to learn a foreign language. The main practice to be placed in the naughty corner is learning by rote (this includes vocabulary lists, phrase books and repetition exercises). Dr. H. Douglas Brown in his excellent book “Principles of Language Learning and Teaching” states that if you learn using such products and methods you are likely to suffer from “Systematic Forgetting” – a scary [...]

Speed up language learning with “Trans-Language Verbs”

September 20th, 2014|

Express Yourself There is a simple, effective - but usually overlooked way to speed up your language learning. The advice is: Learn Trans-Language Verbs first What's a Trans-Language Verb? A Trans Language Verb (or TLV) is a verb that can be used across the language in millions of situations. TLVs include verbs: to see, to like, to want etc. You can see a person, like a person and want a person. You can see a bag, like a bag and want  a bag. You can see a pizza, like a pizza and want a pizza...these are [...]

The Top 100 words to learn in French, Spanish, Italian and any language

September 16th, 2014|

Best words to learn in French, Spanish and Italian With some well selected words you can go a long way in any language. At KLOO we think long and hard about the words we select to go into our games. Our aim is to give the player words that he or she can use in multiple situations. When selecting words we always start with verbs. Each deck of our games comes with 20 verb cards (the red cards). Some words will work right across the language...others are limited. For example the verbs, to see, to look [...]

Building Language Foundations

September 11th, 2014|

We know the parable of the man who built his house on sand - it washed away because there were no foundations. It is the same with slowly and methodically. You cannot rush it. You could, if you wanted, spend a whole day, 10 hours, learning a language. But most of it won't will wash away because you have not built the foundations for the new knowledge to stand on. And what are the foundations of a language? Well I would say learning common words and being able to manipulate them into useful sentences. [...]

Which lasts longer – Fitness or language Learning?

September 5th, 2014|

Language Learning v Staying Fit - which is easier? My family has been moving house. Many say that moving house is one of the 5 most stressful things you can do...I agree. Especially when you have teenage children in tow. When you move house for the first time in 16 years, everything else goes on hold - including this blog. Now, 10 days, into our new place I am starting to turn to the things that I have neglected. Before the house move I had got into a daily rhythm of learning Italian...and also jogging a few times a [...]

Holidays!! The Best Opportunity to Learn a Language!

July 16th, 2014|

Holidays!! Play and Learn a Language There's lots of talk about how immersing yourself in another language is the best way to learn a language. The reason is simple - when everyone is speaking a foreign language and all the messages and signs are foreign too...then your mind works overtime to understand what is happening around you. But total immersion breaks are not possible for most people. We have busy lives and commitments and jobs! But holidays can be the next best thing if you are travelling abroad. You will be surrounded by foreign people, foreign [...]

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