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There is a simple, effective – but usually overlooked way to speed up your language learning. The advice is: Learn Trans-Language Verbs first

What’s a Trans-Language Verb? A Trans Language Verb (or TLV) is a verb that can be used across the language in millions of situations. TLVs include verbs: to see, to like, to want etc.

You can see a person, like a person and want a person. You can see a bag, like a bag and want  a bag. You can see a pizza, like a pizza and want a pizza…these are mega useful verbs that work pretty much everywhere…..learn these first and can go a long, long way into a language

In fact there are surprisingly few real Trans-Language Verbs…most verbs are limited and only work in context. Non TLVs include: walk, read, jump etc.

You cannot walk, read, eat, or jump a pizza (or a person or a bag) . Out of context non TLVs make no sense at all.

KLOO uses TLVs

KLOO MFL games has packed its games full of TLV’s so you can quickly be speaking in multiple situations. By playing KLOO you’ll learn the following verbs and more:

to like, see, look for, find, admire, look at, buy, sell, take, ask for, have, want, choose, have, carry, bring, hold, prefer etc….

And guess how many sentences you can make with one pack of KLOO cards? 2.9 million!

And is it difficult to make sentences with KLOO? No – couldn’t be easier – just watch this video.

Play KLOO and learn lots of great words that will boost your language learning – and have fun!

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