Language Learning v Staying Fit – which is easier?

peeps-joggingMy family has been moving house. Many say that moving house is one of the 5 most stressful things you can do…I agree. Especially when you have teenage children in tow.

When you move house for the first time in 16 years, everything else goes on hold – including this blog.

Now, 10 days, into our new place I am starting to turn to the things that I have neglected. Before the house move I had got into a daily rhythm of learning Italian…and also jogging a few times a week.  This week I returned to both and this is my observation:

  1. Your language learning holds up very well if you leave it for a couple of weeks…
  2. Your fitness, at my age (50), doesn’t hold up half so well.

It was much easier getting back into Italian – in fact enjoyable. I had a nagging paranoia that everything I had learned was seeping away. It hadn’t….good to know. My jogging was much more arduous.

Another observation – nothing to do with language. Where did we get all this STUFF from? SO MUCH STUFF. I can honestly say we opened up some drawers and cupboards and most of what we found went to the charity shop, was recycled or to the dump.

And it felt good.

Kept my Italian books though!

If you want a really easy and fun way to learn a language – take a look at our KLOO language games. We have award winning games in French, Spanish and Italian.

And if you want a good book on jogging from sofa slouch to regular fitness…I read a book called Run Your Fat Belly Off (it’s not really fat but the title captured my lack of fitness last year). It’s good. Check it out.

Learn French with KLOO Race to Paris Board Game

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