A second language is for talking with other people…guess what the best method for learning a language is?

Learn a language by conversing

People talking is the best way to learn a language


Yes…but there is a reason for stating the flamingly obvious. If the primary purpose of a language is to talk with others, then it should follow that we should put much more effort into interacting with other people.

We don’t learn a language to speak to machines, to look at a screen, to write answers in boxes, answer multiple choices. It is true that we may need to do some of these things at some point – but the primary purpose of learning a language is to talk with other people.

And here is another amazing thing….when we talk with other people (and they don’t have to be fluent) then the rate of our learning accelerates – yes accelerates.

I feel sometimes we have been beguiled by technology as the holy grail of language learning. Yet the best way to learn a language is to talk to other people. It’s how we learned our first language.

Speak with others to learn a language faster

Prominent Neurologist, recommends talking with others to learn a language.

Lise Eliot, a prominent neurologist explains:

“Babies, infants, and children (not to mention adults) learn best from interaction with other humans. It’s wired into us.

In order to learn, children need situations where the conversations are interactive, adaptive, and pitched at their level….this is true for learning in general and also for language learning”

In this modern age the opportunity to speak with other people is often overlooked to the detriment of learning, faster and more easily and having more fun.

Games that get the conversation going…in seconds

We produce games that help even absolute beginners make sentences in seconds…speak to others…score points…have fun…and build vocab. Its not high tech – its a humble board game, that has won a host of awards.

See how easy it is to make sentence. Can you imagine playing and having fun? Most people do. And then they are genuinely surprised at how much they have learned in a single game. By talking to other people. Strange that.

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