Foundations for language learningWe know the parable of the man who built his house on sand – it washed away because there were no foundations.

It is the same with language…build slowly and methodically. You cannot rush it. You could, if you wanted, spend a whole day, 10 hours, learning a language. But most of it won’t stick…it will wash away because you have not built the foundations for the new knowledge to stand on.

And what are the foundations of a language?

Well I would say learning common words and being able to manipulate them into useful sentences. Once you have a vocabulary of a few hundred words and understand how they work together, you know how to express yourself. Indeed make millions of useful sentences. From here you can jump into more complex aspects of the language such as idioms, exceptions and nuances.

KLOO Games: effortless learning

learn French Spanish or Italian language with KLOO MFL Games

KLOO helps you learn the foundations of a language. Its a game in which you learn how to make grammatically correct sentences (in seconds) and build vocabulary as you play. In a typical game, players learn between 15 and 30 words. After a few games you have hundreds of words and can make millions of sentences.

Great foundation…with no work whatsoever – just play.

Watch this

Some people doubt that they can learn how to make grammatically correct sentences in a foreign language in seconds (about 10 seconds). They can. Watch this and have fun.

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