Language teachers share their experience of a novel approach

Teaching is a demanding profession…and can be all the more demanding if pupils are not engaged or enthused by the subject you teach. Language often polarises a class: pupils tend to love or dislike languages in equal degrees. To help reach those on the disinterested end of the spectrum, some Language teachers have been trying out KLOO as a language resource.

All reported a dramatic impact on enthusiasm and rate of learning. You can read these independent MFL case studies here.  

The way that KLOO does this is by turning language into a game. The primary objective is no longer to learn French or Spanish…but to the win the game. Pupils do this by learning words as quickly as possible and making sentences. Language learning becomes the means to an end …and the result is a dramatic upswing in enthusiasm and learning that teachers are happy to share. In all cases, the game quickly established itself as a favourite of both teachers and pupils.

A snapshot what language teachers are saying about their experiences:

KLOO MFL Resources in the classroom

Canadian Students favourite MFL resource

“After playing two or three times with the same deck students have almost magically learned all the vocabulary, not only to write and read each word correctly but also to pronounce it right.”Veronica Fernandez, Spain

“At first the reluctant learners thought that they couldn’t do it because they couldn’t translate their cards independently. After teaching them how it works, and how they can verify their translations themselves, they liked it a lot more because it didn’t feel like “work”. KLOO really helps them make lots of sentences, and believe that they CAN make sentences, on their own.” Karen Christiensen, Canada

“They love it when they play it again and they go, “Oh, I remember this word from yesterday”. I think probably the first thing I would do is get other teachers to play KLOO themselves, because I think they would learn how easy it is to begin to learn through playing the game.” Richard Smith, Primary School, UK

KLOO MFL Resources in Spanish French and Italian

Adulst have fun learning with KLOO MFL Resources

“They are always happy to see the game and often ask me to bring it back the next week so that they can play with a different deck. Students enjoy searching for the words they don’t know in order to score extra points and they generally remember them the second time around.” Susie Sparks, UK, teaching adults

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