Choose the right way to learn a language

If you have already decided you want to learn a language – congratulations. It’s a great decision that will bring you many benefits – some quite surprising.

Your next decision is critical…how to learn a language. If you’re anything like me you’ll just want to get stuck in – buy some support materials and learn. That is fine except many language system are actually very poor – in fact some don’t work at all. The result? You find it difficult, you become demotivated and start to believe that you don’t have the skills to learn (which is simply untrue).

What language resources should you avoid?

In the world we live in, everyone selling a language product has a vested interest in getting you to buy and some make outlandish claims. Look in the right places, however, and you’ll get good advice from language experts. Professors Mackey and King in their book The Bilingual Edge, list many poor performing language resources and systems to avoid. Indeed they say if you purchase them you will be left disappointed. It’s worth looking at this report: “What the language industry doesn’t want you to know”.

To be successful you’ll need to learn languages the smart way…that means aligning the language system you choose with the way our minds work.  There are four learning pillars that make a huge difference:

  1. Using the power of contextual learning
  2.  Using the power of Discovery learning
  3. Using the power of learning with humans
  4. Using the power of enjoyable learning

If you can somehow get all four of those powerful learning principles in a single resource – you are on to a winner.

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