Q. What resources are actually proven to work in schools?

There is so much noise and choice around MFL resources, it is quite difficult to find resources that actually work (as opposed to those that are just heavily marketed). Many years ago I remember buying countless language resources to support my own kids’ language learning, and actually being bitterly disappointed with them. My kids were never enthusiastic of the language programs and systems I purchased, and when I looked at them more closely (with my games designer hat on), I could see that they were poorly designed to educate.

On the upside, there are some great language resources, which if you sift through the evidence of other language teachers’ experience you can find…..and some of the very best by test are not even that expensive.

To help you find the right resource here’s a checklist of independent indicators to identify the best resources:

  • Word of mouth recommendations from other teachers
  • Independently, verified reviews by teachers
  • Awards by independent bodies
  • Case Studies independently taken by MFL teachers

If you find a product which ticks these boxes, then you’re onto a good thing.

Watch this video to find out more about KLOO MFL Resources and how they stack up against those criteria.

About this MFL Resource

By embedding important language principles inside award-winning MFL Games, KLOO makes language learning fast, easy and fun. Many teachers claim they see a whole new and improved attitude to learning languages in their classrooms. Even reluctant learners love to play these games.

Language Teachers use KLOO’s range of MFL Games to teach children as well as adult learners, from absolute beginners through to intermediate standards. At School, KLOO is used to teach 7 – 14 year old children and achieve multiple objectives:

– Building vocabulary up 10 X faster using Discobery Learning (see Research below)
– Making thousands of sentences in seconds
– Speaking the language out loud
– Increasing motivation and enthusiasm – especially reluctant learners
– Practising with verbs, pronouns, adjectives, nouns, expressions and connectives


Maggie is a language teacher. She teaches French and Spanish from 7 through to 14-year-olds. She loves her job, but not everyone in the class loves languages like her. So she decided to find the language resource to bring excitement into her class.

Another language teacher told her about a product called KLOO , which turns language into a game. So she decided to check it out. She discovered that this game won ToyTalk’s Best Board Game of the Year and also the U.S. Academic Choice Award. In fact, she found it had won lots of awards.

She also discovered it was the number one category best-selling language game on Amazon. When she looked more closely, she could see hundreds of really positive reviews from teachers just like herself. They said their classes were really enthusiastic and learned a lot. It made her curious as to how it worked.

So she went to the website and found some independent case studies compiled by other language teachers. She saw that the system was unique. Teachers claimed their students were learning to make sentences in seconds. Even absolute beginners can do it. Moreover, they were easily building vocabulary as they played.

Teachers noticed that their classes became motivated to win games by learning the language. Even those who didn’t like languages became enthusiastic, and their abilities showed a marked improvement. She bought some games and KLOO became the favorite activity of the whole class. She now recommends KLOO to other teachers.


00:04 Language teaches French and Spanish to 7 – 14 year olds
00:15 Looks for language resource
00:21 KLOO turns language into a game
00:28 Won Best Board Game of the Year
00:39 No 1 Best Seller on Amazon
00:58 Found Independent Case Studies on Language Resources
01:15 Students building foreign vocabulary
01:19 How to motivate classes to learn foreign language

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