Experience the Eureka moment!

I am pretty sure that none of us had parents who, when we were toddlers, gave us lists of words to learn by next week. I don’t think so.

What generally happened is that we would point at something that we wanted to know the name of, such as a dog, and our parents said “Dog” and we repeated “Dog”. This form of learning is called Discovery Learning. It is the natural way we learned new words when we were small and is the way our brains are hot wired to build vocabulary.

Use the power of Discovery Learning to learn a langiage

Using Discovery Learning creates powerful Eureka moments

Discovery Learning is essentially learning what we want to know, when we want to know it. It creates a “Ah ha!” moment or a “Eureka!” moment.

In essence, when we discover something of importance to us, at that moment, our brains become hugely receptive – like sponges …and because it is deemed important, the information is valued and locked into the long term memory. We have all felt it, perhaps when trying to crack a crossword problem or trying to recall someone’s name and it’s extremely powerful. But how can we harness it?

Using Discovery Learning to learn a language

The power of Discovery Learning is widely accepted as being a strong contributor to the way we learned our first language. The problem is in replicating Discovery Learning in a classroom setting. How do you create a scenario where the learner feels an urge to learn useful foreign vocabulary – and then, by chance, discovers it?

It is difficult – but not impossible – as we shall see! Take a look at this video to see how KLOO Games harnesses Discovery Learning in its games. The result is that players just learn, effortlessly as they play. Often players have no idea how much they learn in a single game until they play again and the vocabulary is still there!

Watch this video to see how you too can use Discovery Learning 🙂


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KLOO is the only language learning system that combines the two most powerful language acquisition principles inside a single game.

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