Learning French can be fun

So many people struggle with learning a language. One of the main hurdles is that people find it difficult and, let’s be honest, the polar opposite to having fun.

But thousands of people have discovered  it can be easy – and fun.

What is this I hear? Learning French can be fun? Oui, c’est vrai!

This short video shows how the Race to Paris Game board game adds a few extra twists to the bestselling game. Soon you’ll be racing to Paris – learning words and making sentences as you go. Time to get started!

Game Board Rules for Race to Paris Board Game

KLOO Games http://kloogame.com

KLOO is the award winning card game that teaches you French or Spanish as you play. In this video we show how to use the Race to Paris game board for scoring KLOO games. KLOO provides fun and educational games for learning French.With each deck of KLOO cards you can play lots of language learning games (see our other videos http://youtube.com/user/fina0043). Ideal for studying French or Spanish or as MFL resources for use on courses and in lessons. You can easily build French phrases and learn words. KLOO – language made fast, easy and fun.

Video time codes

00:17 How to use the KLOO board game to learn French
00:22 Use the game board to score KLOO games
00:26 Choose from French Spanish and English board games
00:34 Have a straight Race to Paris
00:39 Spice up with extra rules
00:40 How to play Hotel Square
01:01 If you land on question mark square
01:17 Decide how many laps to make around the board


How to use the Kloo Game Board. You can use the KLOO French Game Boards to score your KLOO games. You can choose from Race to Paris, Race to Madrid, and Race to London versions.

You can just have a straight race, first one to the capital wins, or spice things up with some extra rules. For example, if you land on a Hotel square, you can ask any player the meaning of a French word that you have the translation for in your hand. If they get it right, they stay where they are, but if they get it wrong, they have to move back to the nearest Hotel. Or, if you land on this square, the person to your left asks you the meaning of a French word they have the translation for. If you get it right, go forward two places. If you get it wrong, go backwards. You can decide how long a game will be by deciding how many laps to make around the board before you head into the capital.

That’s it. Have fun!
For more on KLOO’s Race to Paris learn French Game go to http://kloogames.com/products/kloo-learn-french-board-game-race-to-paris

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