How to play KLOO’s Race to Paris and learn French

Top French Teacher, Susie, uses KLOO games to help teach French. She explains how the game helps students to build sentences and learn new words as they play. This is a great explanation of how to play Race to Paris.


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Susie is a language teacher from Stevenage with over 1000 hours of teaching experience. She offers one-to-one tuition via Skype and face-to-face lessons and uses KLOO GAMES with her students to make sure her lessons are always fun.

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00:09 French for beginners game, adults or children
00:19 Millions of combinations of French sentences
00:28 Deck themes
00:45 Using words as building blocks
00:54 How do we play
01:33 How to discover meanings and translate words
02:02 How to play untranslated words
02:28 How to use the game board and score
02:55 So simple. So fun KLOO games


Hi, Everyone,

I’m Susie and I’m a language teacher, and today I’m here to show you the great game from KLOO Games, Race to Paris. It’s designed for French beginners, whether it’s adults or children. It’s great fun to play and so easy. You’ll be learning to make sentences in French within seconds, I guarantee it.

There’s millions of different combinations of French sentences, so you’ll never get bored, and inside the box, you have a wonderful game board and four decks of cards to choose from everyday objects, places, people, and food and drink, which is my personal favourite. So we’re going to take a look at that in just a moment.

Race to Paris is particularly great because it helps you to use those French words as building blocks to make sentences. It’s much more effective than traditional methods of vocabulary lists or rote learning, and it’s so much more fun, as well. So let’s take a look at that deck and at the game board itself.

So how do we play? Really simple. Each hand, every player receives seven cards. We start by playing a red card, the one with the big star on it, and we simply build a sentence by following the color-coded arrows. So blue arrow, we play a blue card; green or yellow arrow, we can play a green or yellow card, etc. On this side, we add our purple card, which is our expression card, which just enhances our sentence a little bit. “Bien sûr, j’achète le café parfait et le gâteau savoureux.” We get one point for each card we play, and an additional point for each card that we can translate.

We do find, on every card in the deck, another explanation of a different card. So, “je goûte” – “I taste”, on the bottom of this one. So say, for example, we’re not sure of the meaning of “j’achète”, it will appear somewhere on another card. Luckily for us, it’s appeared in our hand, so “j’achète” equals “I buy”. So we know, therefore, this is “I buy”, and we can score an additional point.

If there’s a card that we’re not sure of that’s not translated on our own cards, for example, “bien sûr”, we can leave it to one side and whoever finds that definition later in the game can claim an extra point. So, for example, if someone receives this card, and they find “bien sûr” on the bottom, they’ll know it means “of course”, and they’ll then be able to score an additional one point.

So, we can score up to 14 points for each hand, 7 for the cards we play and 7 for the cards we translate. On the game board of Race to Paris, we very simply move one square for each point that we receive, so we can move up to 14 squares each turn. Along the way, we find Hotel squares and blue squares. These are great for adding an element of competition. On these squares, you get to ask other players questions about translating words, so it’s a bit of a knowledge test for them.

And that’s it. So simple, so fun. Enjoy Race to Paris from KLOO Games.


KLOO is the award winning card game that teaches you Spanish, French or Italian as you play. In this video we show how to play Race to Paris – a board game for two to four people (adults or children) for learning to Speak French. With each deck of KLOO cards you can play up to 16 language games (see our other videos). Ideal for studying Spanish, French or Italian as MFL resources for use in school, or with the family or kids at home. You can easily build French phrases and learn French words with this game. KLOO – the fun way to learn how to speak French.

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