Play and learn a language more faster & more easily

What could be easier or more fun?

You play A 9-Times-Award-Winning Game…and as you play, learn a language.

No studying, no working, no writing – just playing. It’s why parents and

KLOO: Best Board or Card Game of the Year

Best Board or Card Game of the Year

teachers love KLOO. Within seconds players learn how to make grammatically correct sentences…and learn words as they play.

Learn 10 x Faster

Indeed players effortlessly learn between 15 – 25 words in a 25 minute game. Compare that with the average 15 words a month learned by the average secondary school student in the 5 years up to exams (Source: Milton: Journal of French Language Studies – see below for more on this research). It’s the proven Discovery Learning element inside KLOO games which make picking up language so easy and natural. Watch this short video to see how.


Milton and Meara’s Research shows the average accumulation of vocabulary by British children from 5 years to their GCSE exams (typically at 15 / 16 years old). It shows that by the time of the exam vocabulary is on average 850 words. It is a mainly uniform progression of 170 words a year or 15 words a month. On the basis that a typical child has 60 hours of lessons a year, children are learning at the rate of 3 words an hour. It is quite normal for children (and adults) to learn 15 – 25 words in an half hour game of KLOO.

The Learning begins as soon as you start

Very soon players are whizzing around the game board, able to make thousands of possible sentences,speaking out loud, learning words and having fun! For many language learners KLOO is not just a game – it’s a game changer.

To see how easy (super easy) it is to make sentences watch this video here  or below.

Learn a language board Games in French Spanish Italian and English

It’s so simple, fun and effective. It’s why


KLOO has won more awards than any other language game – Ever!

And why


KLOO is the # 1 category Best Selling Game on Amazon.


Play your heart out…

You can earn a French Spanish and Italian faster with KLOO

You can learn a language faster


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