How important is your method of learning?

Learning a foreign language depends much more on the tools you use than your innate “language ability”. Use the wrong tools and you start believing that you don’t have the necessary talent to learn a language (when you absolutely do). Conversely, use the right tools and systems and your natural language ability will shine. Think of a golfer trying to play golf with a cricket bat. Or a tennis player trying to play tennis with a football! Crazy eh? It won’t work. And it doesn’t work for language learning either.

With the wrong tools the innate skills of the player are completely nullified. That’s how important the right tools are for you in learning a language. You have innate ability (you are fluent in at least one language!) We, therefore, need to equip you with the right way to learn and the right resources.

In the next blog we will look at the first and most popular method of building vocabulary: learning through rehearsal and rote.

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Tennis players use the right equipment

Tennis players use the right equipment to succeed. Language learners must do the same!

The 6 different methods for vocabulary acquisition. Which is best?

The overlooked fact. Using the right language tools make the difference between learning and not

6 Vocabulary Building Techniques

Building Vocabulary Method 1

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