Learning a language is a great choice

Learning a language is a great choice

Languages make you wealthier.

Perhaps not shocking but certainly true and something to think about as children head back to school. A Personnel Today report showed that the average wage for language graduates is higher than other graduates in areas such as Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Engineering after as little as 3 years. Added to that a recent poll of 500 companies, conducted for the National Centre for Languages revealed that one in four said the ability to speak a second language would give a candidate the edge when applying for a job. In a competitive jobs marketplace, having a second language gives an edge. There is a high premium put on languages because, as a subject, it is considered to be difficult and highly valued.

But it doesn’t have to be THAT difficult.

learn French Spanish or Italian language with KLOO MFL GamesIt can be fun, fast and actually quite easy – when it’s turned into a game. KLOO is being used by more and more schools of all types with outstanding results (see what teachers say here). Students love it because it’s fun, social and hands on. Teachers love it because students can effortlessly build vocabulary and learn how to make grammatically correct sentences in seconds. Watch this video to see how.

And it doesn’t have to be THAT expensive (see below)

Systems for learning languages can be hugely expensive – especially high tech solutions. KLOO is a low tech solution based around active learning, playing and talking out loud. The unique language learning principles embedded in the game delivers astonishing benefits:

  • For instance with one deck of KLOO cards a student can quickly learn how to make 3 million sentences.
  • As they play, students are so focused on winning, that they build vocabulary at least 200% faster than with traditional methods.
  • Enthusiasm for language soars. The fun aspect is just built in – KLOO won ToyTalk Best Board and Card Game of the Year!

And the cost of all these language benefits?

Learn French with KLOO Race to Paris Board GameA handy double deck pack for home costs £12.99 (US $17.99); a board game for home costs £29.99 while Special School Packs of 10 board games can purchased for under £250 (enough for a whole class to be playing on a board with the same deck at the same time).

Children having fun, learning a language – and perhaps setting off on a path to a better career from £12.99. Why not check out our store.


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