Hi everybody, Hope you have all been enjoying your summer. As it is school holiday time I’m sure lots of you have been on your summer holidays or making the most of the sunshine and having days out with your family. Here at KLOO it has been an exciting month for us as we have just launched our newest KLOO game!

KLOO 'Catch the Bug' reading game

KLOO ‘Catch the Bug’ Reading Game

It’s called ‘Catch the Bug’ and it joins the KLOO Reading Games section of our product line. It is a flashcard based reading game developed for children between the ages of 3 and 5. The cards are very similar to our KLOO language cards as they have the same colour coded arrows to guide you to making a grammatically correct sentence but the sentences that can be made are much simpler and they are aimed at little ones who are starting to take an interest in reading.

KLOO Catch the Bug reading game

KLOO ‘Catch the Bug’ Reading Game

When a child correctly reads a sentence they are rewarded with a beautifully illustrated animal card and when they have won all 8 animal cards they can then be given the most important prize of all which is the ‘reading bug’ card.  They can then arrange all 9 cards in a puzzle formation and this will reveal that they have caught the elusive ‘reading bug’.  The game can be bought in our online KLOO store and from Amazon.

Here is a video about the ‘Catch the Bug’ game:-

I was intending to write this blog at the beginning of August but recently the time just seems to have flown by.  Last month I promised to point you in the direction of some interesting language learning resources, so here we are:-

  • One of my top resources for you would be the facebook page ‘Language Teachers Ireland’.  The page is absolutely jam-packed with posts relating to learning languages.  Every day, without fail, you will find loads of interesting things to read and learn.  Here at KLOO we are constantly sharing their posts on our KLOO facebook and  twitter pages as the links are always so useful to anyone interested in languages.  You can also follow Language Teachers Ireland on twitter, the user name is @LangTeachersIre.  The page was originally started by language teacher Sandra Doyle (twitter – @sandraokd) and then Karen Keane (twitter –@karenakeane) came on board afterwards. It was created as a place for busy language teachers from Ireland to share resources but even if you don’t teach MFL or live in Ireland you are very welcome over on their wonderful page.  The only requirement is that you have to Love Languages! 🙂
  • Sometimes it can be a bit boring to try and learn a language by only reading text books and phrase books. It can be very worthwhile to experiment with your reading material and this means maybe have a go at reading foreign language novels (Here’s a list of the 25 best foreign language novels), cooking up meals following recipes written in your target language or even singing along to modern songs that have been translated into the language you are learning using the written foreign language lyrics. I love the idea of listening to foreign versions of songs that we all know in our own native language. My daughter and I are both fans of One Direction’s songs and when I saw a tweet by Language Teachers Ireland linking to a Spanish version of ‘All The Little Things’ I had to ‘hacer clic’ straight away! The song is sung by the fantastic Kevin Karla and La Banda and I could listen to it all day. Being able to sing along in Spanish is not only great fun but educational too. There are loads of these translated songs on You Tube, just type the name of the song you are looking for followed by Spanish version or French version, etc.   Backtracking a bit, here’s a link to some websites that are dedicated to recipes in French , Spanish and Italian. If you do follow any of those recipes please feel free to come and share a photo of your lovely home-cooked meal with me on facebook or twitter. I’d love to see how your meal turned out.
learn French Spanish or Italian language with KLOO MFL Games

KLOO Language Games

  • If you are looking for some new ways to remember words when learning a language then you will find this Lingholic article very interesting . It has 4 examples of ways you can try to remember the new words you are trying to learn. It points out that polyglot Luca Lampariello says that ‘Context is King’ when trying to remember words. This backs up what we think here at KLOO. With our award winning KLOO language game cards you can quickly make grammatically correct sentences in your target language and then try and remember the vocab you are learning in context. You don’t need to try and learn 7 individual words that bear no relation to each other instead with KLOO you make a sentence with cards from a themed deck (such as Deck 1 ‘People’ or Deck 2 ‘Eating and Drinking’ from Language Pack 1) and then you learn the words in the context of the sentence you made.  Much simpler!

I hope you all have fun with your language learning. I will back next month with another blog post for you.

Have a great weekend.

Best wishes Kim

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