Top Travel Games that pack a foreign language

What makes a great travel game?

Fun? Well yes – of course.

Portable? That would be handy.

Keep you occupied when travelling? Of course – that’s the point!

So fun, portable and engaging. Well there are some great games which tick those boxes: travel scrabble, travel Monopoloy, travel chess, Uno, playing cards, backgammon…and lots more. They all work and we as a family have actually taken all of the above on various holidays.

A travel game with a language built in

What if we add another criterion? What if we say the game should help you to speak the language of the country you are travelling to – so that you can play the game as you travel and speak the language when you arrive? How does that sound?

Good – but it still has to be a great game!

OK- how about if it had also won these awards:

Award winning KLOO language games


Dr Toy’s Best Vacation Product 2011

Condé Nast Traveler Magazine: Top Ten must pack items

ToyTalk’s Best Card Game 2011

If you want to tick all of these boxes – then you need to be taking a look at KLOO.

A Top Travel Game judged best for holidays

KLOO an ideal travel game

French Language Games double deck packs – perfect for travel

KLOO is perhaps the perfect travel game. It comes in handy sized, double decked packs and with each deck you can play 16 different games – the main difference being that you effortlessly learn a language as you play. Some games are quick fire quiz type games for kids (like Penalty Shoot Out – see video below), while others require card playing skills like Classic KLOO (see below). You can even play a solitaire game to build vocab for beginners (Under Starters Orders – see video).

Going on holiday? Want a travel game? Take a look at KLOO!

Language Learning Videos

Want a fun quiz game for the kids to build vocabulary? Watch KLOO Penalty Shoot Out

Make sentences and learn words to score points? Classic KLOO is a favourite

Want to play on your own and build words? Under Starters Orders is perfect

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