Why Learning Second Languages – is like eating Broccoli 

learn languages is good for you

Learning languages bring many benefits – even health benefits like Broccoli

I have been tweeting about languages for some time…scouring the web for trends and research behind language learning. There is an enormous amount of data out there but when you pull it all together, foreign languages emerge as very special subjects. It feeds into your life and delivers a host of unexpected benefits. Such are the benefits, we can call it a super subject – in the same way that some foods like broccoli are super foods. Check out the list of benefits below. Can any other subject do all this? I suspect that Mathematics will push it close…but this list of benefits outside the classroom is hard to beat.

Having a second language improves career prospects

Language students are paid more http://wp.me/p12Fkp-1i

Foreign languages will improve a child’s lifestyle

Why languages are essential for a child’s career, lifestyle and even income Great Sunday Express Article about languages and how they impact all areas of a child’s life http://languagepie.wordpress.com/2012/02/13/why-language-is-important-for-your-childs-career-lifestyle-and-even-income/

Foreign languages brings mental benefits in creativity, memory and critical thinking

Learning a second language “increases listening ability, memory, creativity and critical thinking”  http://www.reporternews.com/news/2012/mar/04/some-abilene-kids-learning-foreign-language-as-2/

Learning a language helps you multi-task

More performance benefits: Bilingual children switch tasks faster http://medicalxpress.com/news/2012-04-bilingual-children-tasks-faster-speakers.html

Learning a Language brings health benefits and fights dementia

Health benefits! Learning another language ‘could protect against dementia’ – Telegraph http://soc.li/KvLHZSl

Learning a Language gives you a Brain Boost

More than just a language – a brain boost. Research points to benefits http://lifehacker.com/5895128/learning-a-second-language-can-give-your-brain-a-boost

Language is the easiest way to get a holiday upgrade

There is cheap and simple way to get a holiday upgrade. http://wp.me/p12Fkp-36

Learning a language is good for you – very good for you!

As good as Broccoli – but maybe more fun!

A language game that makes learning a language fast, easy and fun

Fun French Spanish and Italian language games

Learning with KLOO makes language learning fun

Eating Broccoli isn’t much fun (for most people) when its served cold with no seasoning or sauce – and actually the same might be said for learning a language. However adding Broccoli to a Thai Beef curry, for instance, makes it much more exciting and tasty. KLOO Language games do the same for learning French and Spanish MFL languages – they spice up language learning and make it fun. With KLOO you make sentences in French and Spanish to score points. The longer your sentences and the faster you learn words the more you score – and the faster you can power your racing cars in a Race to Paris or Race to Madrid. The games are easy to play, lots of fun and players learn at least 200% faster.

Watch the video below and see how within one minute you can learn how to make thousands of sentences in French and Spanish in under a minute – even if you’re a beginner.

Making sentences in French and Spanish is easy with KLOO

Learn how to make thousands of foreign sentences in seconds

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