Q: How many sentences can you make with 60 words. See below for the shocking answer!

When words that work together are correctly grouped then the number of sentences a learner can make with them grows exponentially….this means that the learners ability to express him or herself grows super fast. Really, really super fast – read on.

learn French Spanish or Italian language with KLOO MFL GamesIn KLOO we have grouped decks of cards into 4 main themes: “People”, Food & Drink”, “Place” and “Everyday Objects”. In each deck there are 60 cards.  For instance, in the “People” deck there are nouns like “doctor”, “policeman”, “sister” mixed with verbs like “to meet”, “to like” and “to visit” alongside adjectives like “friendly”, “clever” and “kind”. Learners can effortlessly make sentences using KLOO’s design registered ColourSense cards (watch this 1 minute video if you want to see how )…so guess how many sentences you can make with one deck of KLOO cards?

2.9 million!!

Yes with one deck of KLOO cards, players will learn how to make

2.9 million sentences!!!

It works with every deck, every time.

learn French Spanish or Italian language with KLOO MFL GamesSo why, oh why are kids (including mine) sent home with words that aren’t grouped together? I have no idea…especially as it has been proven over and over (and over) that the best way to build vocabulary is to put new words into context i.e. by putting words into sentences you help to lock new words into the long term memory. (Watch this video to see how)

Can you believe that by grouping words you a) lock words into your long term memory and b) turbo charge the ways in which you can express yourself? So if you’re learning a language make sure you use resources that do this.

Luckily KLOO has learned this lesson and done it for you.

Have fun learning a language. Play KLOO!

KLOO has award winning games in French, Spanish, and Italian.

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