Use smart games to learn languages

Power learning with educational games

At last some reality when it comes to language learning. Education Secretary, Michael Gove, has stated he wants from five. There is an excellent article on the BBC website . But if you just want the nuggets here they are:

  • Every child should learn a language from the age of 5.
  • Almost every other advanced nation teaches a foreign language from that age.
  • He criticizes Brits for taking a “perverse pride” in not speaking another language.
  • The number of pupils taking a language at GCSE has plummeted from 444,000 in 1998 to 273,000 in 2010.
  • He says that learning a language improves people’s “brain power”

A big tick against each of those points…….all research shows that those who have a second language are more fulfilled, achieve more, earn more and are culturally more attuned. Lets give our children that chance.
And if you want to make learning a language easy and fun for children then why not play KLOO – voted Best Board and Card Game of the Year 2011.

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