You can teach your child a languageParents often want to help their children learn a second language. And with good reason. Apart from the academic achievement and career benefits a language brings, a second language is good for your mental health. Health research shows that people learning a second language can stave off the onset of dementia by up to four years. That’s a big deal. Four years’ delay is far more effective than any drugs around today. The current theory is that a second language causes the brain to create more connections between the cells…and that in turn makes the brain more resilient to mental health issues.

That’s great News! But how do I help my child learn a second language when I cannot speak a second language myself?

How best to teach children a languageMore good news…you don’t have to be fluent – or even that competent! Research highlighted by Professors King and Mackey in the Bilingual Edge has shown that learning with your child is in fact more effective than your child learning on their own with most language materials (including exercise books, videos, language toys etc). Don’t let not knowing a language stop you helping your child!

Do they say that good news comes in threes? (Or is that bad news? Today it’s definitely good news!)

language games for kidsThe third bit of good news is that there is a  language game that parents and children love to play – and as they play – they learn a language. It’s a great resource for parents who aren’t themselves fluent but want to help their children. It’s also a multi-award winning game that’s fun. Learning a language has never been this easy.

Watch the video below to find out how easy it is to start learning a language with your child.

Here are 5 Great Ways to study Spanish this Summer from our friends at Take Lessons. It’s worth visiting their blog if you’re looking for ideas. Have fun.

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