Students enjoy learning languages with KLOO MFL Games

“My students beg to play this game”

That’s what Debbie, a US Spanish Teacher, said about KLOO on Amazon. She also has a blog  where she writes about KLOO: why she “fell in love with it!”; and what her students learn by playing. (You can see the full blog here “KLOO Great Language Learning Game“).

Why are MFL Teachers loving KLOO?
What has got Debbie and thousands of other MFL teachers around the world so excited? Well, our research shows it is not because KLOO is a multi-award winning game. It’s not even because students love playing – although the lift in enthusiasm is definitely appreciated. No. What has them really excited, is the fact that students are learning much faster as a direct result of playing.

Why are students learning faster?
Some of that extra speed of learning is as a result of students becoming more switched on and engaged when trying to win the game. The other reason is that the game is well designed and PACKED with lots of important language principles that help you learn words and build sentences as you play. Take a look at the short video below to see some of the aspects of language covered by playing.

Watch this Short Video to see what students learn with KLOO:

KLOO really doesn’t cost that much but does make a big impact in the classroom. Watch enthusiasm soar and learning accelerate.

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KLOO has won more awards than any other foreign language game

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