Is learning foreign words like running through treacle?

Building vocabulary has always seemed to be such an ordeal. Long lists of words…trying to somehow memorize them..but your mind starts swimming and gets confused….then you test yourself and find that they just won’t stick…so you repeat the process. And very soon your mind just starts to shut down.  You feel deflated and demotivated and just plain exhausted.

It’s like running a marathon through treacle.

And yet it really doesn’t have to be like this at all. It can be like flying…

You can learn much faster without having to work or study!

How to build vocabulary E-Book


When you use the power of Discovery Learning coupled with placing words in context and then wrapping the whole experience in a game – a strange thing happens. Picking up words becomes automatic and almost effortless.

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How to build foreign vocabulary 1000% faster.

See how it works by looking at the short animated video. The trick is to tap into our natural ability to learn words – that’s the way we learned our first language. Discovery Learning does that.

How to Build French Vocabulary Swiftly and Easily

About this Build French Vocabulary video

To learn French words and French vocabulary go to

KLOO is the award winning card game that teaches you French words as you play. In this video we show how you quickly learn French words to build your vocabulary and make French sentences and phrases. KLOO Language Games are an ideal way to learn French. Ideal as French resources for French lessons; for fun at home with the family or as French games for kids. KLOO – the fun way to learn how to speak French.

00:18 How to learn French words with KLOO
00:29 What if you don’t know the meaning of French words
00:43 Find French translations at the bottom of other cards
01:02 How to lay out the KLOO cards after playing
01:11 All French words are translated
01:20 Using Discovery Learning to learn French vocabulary
01:32 Locking words in the long term memory
01:39 Replicating how we learned our first language


How to learn French words with KLOO. In many KLOO games, you get points for how many cards there are in your sentence, and also for how many words you know. But what if you don’t know all the words?

Imagine if you cannot translate “boisson” and “je prends”. For every word you don’t know, you’ll be able to find the answer on the bottom of another card.

Here we can see that je prends means, “I take.” But we’re not so lucky with boisson. In the game Classic KLOO, all the cards you have played go face up on the table, and any untranslated cards are kept separate. In KLOO, all the French words will be translated in the end. Just keep playing, you’ll be amazed at how fast you learn.

KLOO uses Discovery Learning to teach you new words. You discover the word you want to know, and then you place the word in the sentence. Linguists have shown that this is an essential part of locking the word in the long term memory. These two underlying principles mean you’ll learn French much faster, because it replicates how we learned our first language. You’ll have much more fun, too.

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