Teach yourself French for beginners

Ever been given a list of foreign words to learn? How did that go?

Teach me French Spanish or Italian vocab with Discovery Learning

Teaching yourself a language can be easier

I am guessing not well….our brains aren’t wired to learn words as pieces of data from a list. That’s just a fact. When you think about it when we learned our first language, our parents didn’t give us lists to learn by the next morning. No we learned in a natural way – picking up the words we wanted to know, when we wanted to know them. It’s called Discovery Learning…and when you learn words with Discovery Learning guess what? You learn much faster – most people learn words ten times faster (you read that right). Check out this blog.

A couple of  videos here: First one is a video of how KLOO uses Discovery Learning to help you teach yourself a foreign language. Second one is one of 16 games you can play with KLOO cards to learn with Discovery Learning…its a simple game called Squeeze Box. Teaching yourself French (in this instance) is so easy people often don’t realise how much they have learned until they play the game again…and then they are shocked at how many words have stuck. It’s a fun way to learn too.

How to learn French Words using Discovery Learning

How to teach yourself French playing KLOO’s Squeeze Box

How to teach yourself French with KLOO Games go to

KLOO is the award winning card game that helps you to teach yourself French as you play. In this video we show how to play Squeezebox – a solitaire card game for one person for building French vocabulary and learning words. KLOO provides fun and educational games for learning languages.With each deck of KLOO cards you can play lots of language games (see our other videos http://youtube.com/user/fina0043 ). Ideal for studying French or Spanish or as MFL resources for use on courses and in lessons. You can easily build French sentences and phrases too. KLOO – the fun way to learn French.

For more information, please visit http://kloogame.com


00:20 A game for one person to teach yourself French
00:35 Aim of the game
00:38 How to start and deal cards
01:02 Translating French words
01:10 If you cannot translate – look for clues
01:22 Have a fun game

How to play Squeeze Box. This is a game to teach yourself French. It’s very simple, but requires skill and concentration.

You have to try and get all of the cards face-up into a single pile. Play starts with a deck of face-down cards. Cards are turned over to face up one at a time. Each card is placed to the right of the one played before. The aim is to get all the cards into one face-up pile. If the card is the same colour as any of the three cards to the left of it, it can be placed on top of that card, but only if you can translate both French words, like here with these blue cards.

But what about these red ones? If you can’t translate, keep playing and keep looking for clues. You can also just match off two cards while one card has the translation of the other.

That’s it. Have fun!

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