Delicious food at Caraffini’s – but book first!

I went for a lunch with a friend in a lovely Italian restaurant called Caraffini’s, just by Sloane Square in London. Terrific Italian food – served by genuinely Italian staff. At the end of the meal I asked for the bill in Italian…what a reaction! Suddenly the waiter smiled, the owner of the restaurant came over to ask how I knew Italian. I explained I am learning and and that my wife is Italian…we chatted for a while. Suddenly I wasn’t a customer – I was a friend …it was lovely.

It is amazing what a few words in someone else’s first language will do.  It’s just one of the many blessings a second language brings into your life.

PS We do Italian Decks of KLOO – the second deck focuses on Eating and Drinking!

Buon Appetito

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