Summer Holidays are coming! Tune into the language

Play KLOO and learn a language on holidayPeople find learning a language difficult…and some say that the best way to learn a language is through total immersion. I don’t think many people would argue with that except it’s difficult to arrange and somewhat costly – most of us cannot just up sticks and go to Italy for 2 months (I wish)!

But many of us are going on hols – for a week or two abroad. This is when we can immerse ourselves in the language. We are surrounded by foreign signs, menus, and people! So lets make the most of it. Consider it a free lesson.

Make friends with a second language

Make friends with a second language

Do try speaking the language when asking for food and directions etc

Do try to read the foreign menus and signage.

Do spend a little time learning the language

Do try and learn say 10 words a day and plan to use use them.

And here’s a language game you can pack and play on your travels. You’ll learn hundreds of words be able to make thousands of sentences – and all without studying.

Double deck packs. Play 16 games and learn French.

Double deck packs. Easy to pack and learn French.


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