The secret ingredient to be brilliant.

How to learn French Spanish of Italian

You can be fluent in a second language too

So often people make things look easy. Great sports people, dancers, singers all make their art look like a walk in the park…and so do people who have mastered a second language (I am talking of bilinguals who were not brought up with a second language at home). You can find yourself gawping at them and their ability to converse fluently  in different languages while you stumble to put together a single coherent sentence …  and you wonder how they became so good. What amazing phenomenon managed to transfuse a whole second language into their brain?

I heard on the radio this morning (BBC Radio 2) that whenever you see someone showing mastery of a skill its:

“90% resilience – 10% brilliance.”

It’s practice, practice, practice. You have to put in the work and that is true even of brilliant multi-linguals. They have had to put in the work, spent time talking, reading, listening and practising their languages…until it looks effortless.

You have probably even experienced this yourself. Can you drive? I bet it seems easy, second nature, a walk in the park. I bet you can sing, talk and think about things as you drive. It’s a cinch!

My daughter is just beginning to drive and taking her first lessons. She’s like a newly born foal taking her first steps…the car judders and stalls and she looks panicked. I was exactly the same! But we all get to driving fluency (or most of us do!) through lessons and practice.

So if you want to look brilliant at languages – the good news is you are not missing the Brilliant Language Gene. You can be brilliant too…but you have to practice.

It’s not all hard work…Learn a language through playing

Learn French with KLOO Race to Paris Board GameThe good news is that it doesn’t all have to be hard work…indeed we have designed multi-award winning language games to make learning French, Spanish or Italian fast, easy and fun. As you play – you learn.  You will learn to make grammatically correct sentences in seconds (watch this short how to play video to see how. And you can effortlessly learn hundreds of words as you play too.

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