1. Learn a second language to get ahead in business

A second language can help your careerIf you’re a business owner, or work for a business which trades internationally, being able to communicate with your partners, suppliers or customers in their own language is a unique selling point for your business.

I used to have a Swiss born boss who was fluent in French. All of our French clients wanted to deal exclusively with him for the simple reason he spoke French. He did great business and won many contracts on the back of his fluency.

2. Learn a second language to enjoy better holidays

asking directions in a second languageIf you’re planning on travelling, you might assume that everyone in your chosen country will understand you. However, if you want to experience the culture of a specific place, then it is well worth delving a little further into the country, culture and language. Imagine, for example, you go to Spain. If you speak the language, you can travel a little off the beaten track, out of the usual tourist areas, and experience true Catalan culture, by asking the locals, in their own language, the best places to eat, and visit. You’ll also be treated better for making the effort.

3. Learn a second language to understand a culture – perhaps your own

Another reason for learning languages would be if your family tree originated in a country, which was far away from where you currently are. In order to view your family tree, you might need to delve deep into the history of a foreign country and read documents in a foreign language to better understand your roots.

Learning a second language can be fun…check out KLOO

Learn French with KLOO Race to Paris Board GameWhatever reasons you have for learning a language, you need to make it fun for you. Visiting sites that make learning fun, and involve word games, such as KLOO Games, are a great idea. Foreign language games that help you remember the words by making it fun can improve your vocabulary no end, and it is proven that a Modern Foreign Language game (MFL Games) can improve your retention of foreign words. KLOO offers some great Spanish, French and Italian games as well as English reading cards for younger users. The games enable beginners to build sentences and learn vocabulary whilst playing a game.

It’s not all for youngsters though. French learning games for instance (and other languages too) can be learnt by all ages, and KLOO ensures the games are relevant for each level and age group.

It’s well worth a look. KLOO Games can help you achieve a good standard of a foreign language whilst having fun at the same time! Take a look at this video to see how easy it is:

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