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Turn language into a game and keep students wanting more

Language is not the easiest of subjects. Some young people find it very difficult. I know I did when I was studying for my O’Levels. But recently I was recalling how my old Latin teacher, Mr MacDonald, used to always allow a bit of fun at the end of class after maybe 45 minutes of hard grammar and translation work.

He would create quizzes and allow us to write our own sentences on the blackboard for other students to figure out. We of course created the funniest sentences we could – often embedding an “in-joke” for the rest of the class. We thought we were being very clever – but I can see now that it was Mr MacDonald who was very clever.

He brought fun into the subject and as we left the classroom there was banter and laughter and happy memories. As a result Latin, despite being one of the toughest disciplines, was in fact a much loved subject. It’s an old show business maxim to Leave them wanting more. But I think really this could just as easily be a teaching adage.

On the topic of end of lesson fun, one MFL teacher recently wrote this re KLOO (you can find it on Amazon)

“I like to end my lessons with something fun and a bit different than the rest of the lesson. I’ll often say to my students, “What would you like to do? Reading, a song, noughts and crosses, hangman, Kloo?” and 9 times out of 10, the answer is Kloo!! Not only do students love it but it is also really useful and the progress they make when working from one deck to the next is brilliant.” Lindsay D, MFL Teacher, Northants

The great thing about KLOO, is that not only is it hands-on fun – which kids seem to really love these days of ubiquitous high tech – but it is in fact 16 different games in one deck of cards. That’s a lot of end of lesson fun. And within seconds it will have students, even beginners, easily making sentences up to 14 words long – and effortlessly learning new vocabulary as they play.

KLOO MFL Language Games are available in French, Spanish and Italian. Check out how easy it is to make sentences by watching this short video.

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