Sometimes we drown in all the detail

Simpler ways to learn a language

Learning a language can be overwhelming

A language can be like a Tsunami. Intimidating, massive and overwhelming. It is endless and knowing where to start is a challenge. Some people are put off within ten minutes of trying. The sheer scale of the task puts them off.

What if there was a way for even absolute beginners  to learn how to make thousands of proper sentences in a foreign language within seconds? What if they could effortlessly learn hundreds of words without the need to study, work or write? What if learning a challenge was fast, easy and fun?

That doesn’t sound like the way we learned a language.

It’s not.

See how language learners can learn to surf the Tsunami instead of being crushed. Watch this 2 minute video. Within 60 seconds language learners can make tens of thousands of sentences, learn words and score points.

Sound different?

It is.

Award winning language learning games to help you learn easily

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