The best resources to learn a foreign language – another human being!

Learn a language by talkingAs discussed in this blog, learning a new language depends to a significant degree on the resources you use. Use the wrong methods and you can easily start believing that you don’t have the necessary talent to learn a language (when you absolutely do). Use the right resources and methods and you’re innate language ability kicks in. Over the next few weeks I will be outlining the language methods that are independently researched and proven to work.

Here is the first Immutable Law of Language Learning….

Foreign Language Resource: Interaction with a REAL person works best.

Time and again research shows that learning with a real person is the best way to learn. After all talking is the art of communication with other people! It should not be a surprise, therefore, that speaking with real people is the perfect way to build up your language skills.

Lise Eliot, a prominent neurologist explains:

“Babies, infants, and children (not to mention adults) learn best from interaction with other humans. It’s wired into us. In order to learn, children need situations where the conversations are interactive, adaptive, and pitched at their level….this is true for learning in general and also for language learning”

Those who learn with a real person outperform those who learn remotely, passively or by rote.  That real person could be a parent, a carer, a teacher or a friend. They do not have to be fluent or a teacher. As long as they are a real human being!

A question to ask yourself before you buy a product is:  “Can this product be used to learn the new language with real people? “Big tick if it does.

KLOO's Learn French Game

Learn a language with a friend

KLOO is a foreign language resource in French or Spanish that encourages people to make sentences in a foreign language and speak them out loud to another person to score points.

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