Guide to Foreign Language Resources

Foreign language huh?

Foreign language huh? (Photo credit: Gadget Virtuoso)

In this blog I am going to cut to the chase and state what language resources hardly work at all. The statements made here are not a matter of opinion but of independently researched fact. The reason that a lot of these materials fail is that they do not incorporate the 5 proven principles of language learning. Some do not even incorporate a single principle.

On the web and in the media in general, there are so many unsubstantiated opinions and strong vested interests. Some companies spend millions of dollars in supporting best selling products that simply don’t work. By bringing to you research, as opposed to opinion, I can help you determine the best ways to learn a language (and in the process save you time and money).

Language is just like any other endeavour – if you have the wrong tools you won’t achieve your objectives. You cannot play tennis with a golf club. Don’t learn a foreign language with the wrong equipment.

And remember you can learn to speak a language – you already have done! You just need to learn the way your brain is hot-wired to learn. The rest follows naturally.

Language Resources that don’t work – please avoid!

Coming up on next posts: The Z Team of language resources. If you are ever tempted to buy these I recommend you turn right around, find a nice coffee shop and enjoy a frothy capuccino instead.

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