Language Resources Review – MFL Resources that do and don’t work

Foreign Language Bookshop neon sign

Foreign Language Bookshop neon sign (Photo credit: avlxyz)

If you are reading this…there is a good chance you have already tried different language resources and have been left feeling disappointed. Finding the best way to learn a foreign language is the right thing to do – but it’s not easy. Perhaps you haven’t made a purchase yet but are bewildered and confused. There is a lot to be confused about! There are CDs, talking toys, talking books, text books, audio programs, DVDs, phrasebooks, vocabulary lists, grammar drills, software, magnetic readers and much, much more. The
education and edutainment markets are colossal multi-billion $ industries – and they have a vested interested in keeping it that way. They have the resources and skills to mount very slick marketing campaigns – all with the single aim of getting you to part with your cash and buy their product. The truth is that all of these language products cannot be equally effective. Indeed research shows us that many famous products hardly work at all.

This blog is going to take you – step by step – through the research and what it tells us in terms of what works and what doesn’t. These reports will save you precious time and money.

In coming posts we will cover

An honest review of language resources

The best ways to learn a language (and save money)


Language Learning Myths that hold you back

French resources

Spanish resources

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