If a teacher cannot speak French or Spanish, how are they able to teach them as subjects?

With the numbers of language teachers falling precipitously it’s becoming more and more normal for a class to be taught by teachers who cannot themselves speak the language they teach. How can that work?

Games like chess can harness human intellect

Games like chess can harness human intellect

I know many of the world’s greatest chess players (in a previous life I ran the world chess championships) and it’s interesting that the great Chess Grandmasters have chess coaches. It’s interesting in that the chess coaches are not as good as their prodigy – they know less – and yet they have a critical role in training their player. The trick is not to try and “teach” them but instead provide the framework for their players to teach themselves. They do this by giving them the the best chess educational tools, posing challenges, and playing against them (sparring) so they can try out their new skills.

Language lessons can be the same.

  1. Provide the class with tools that allow them to learn for themselves – an auto-learning system which educates as they participate
  2. Get the “edge” into their learning by turning language into a game. Extraordinary things happen when people start to compete. They try harder, focus more and up their game.
  3. Play with them! Enthusiasm levels balloon when teachers get involved and play too.

KLOO does all of these things. Teachers love it because they can have the whole class playing and learning fast while they supervise. And what makes them REALLY HAPPY? Just witnessing how much faster they’re learning. Learning hundreds of words and making sentences in seconds.

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