It’s not easy to find the perfect Xmas gift. There are so many things to consider. But imagine you walked into my shop and you’re quite pushy (I’m sure you’re not!!) – And this was how our conversation went!

  • YOU: I’m looking for a gift. I’m thinking of a game that’s fun and gives a chance for all the family to come together and play? Have you anything like that?

  • ME: Well, I can think of loads of great games…yes I am sure we can help.

  • YOU: Actually let’s go a step further and make this game the “Board Game of the Year” for being fun!

  • ME: Well, that’s quite demanding but yes, it’s still possible.

  • YOU: I want this game to also has rave reviews – actually let’s make it a #1 Best Seller on Amazon!

  • ME: Right. We are getting down to a few select games. But I still think we can help.

  • YOU: Now let’s ensure it’s more than just a game – why not make sure it’s won an award for being of proven educational value – eg The prestigious USA Academic Choice Award?

  • ME: Wow – That’s getting very picky – but, yes, we can still help.

  • YOU: How about this? What if as you played, you learned a second language! What could be better than having seasonal fun and effortlessly learning French or Spanish or Italian as you played? 

  • ME: As far as I know there is only one game in the world that does all that – KLOO Games.

  • YOU: That sounds great – when  can you send it?

  • ME: within 24 hours of your order:

  • YOU: And if we don’t like it?

  • ME: Send it back…for a full refund. But we’re confident you’ll love it.

And here’s another treat….go here and get a Special Vouchers to save money on KLOO Games before Xmas.

This Xmas have your Xmas cake and eat it!

Merry Xmas to you and your families!!


PS See some reviews and also some awards. Have fun!

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