(and not be fluent)

Homeschooling Spanish French and Italian with KLOO gamesHomeschooling is a big undertaking. Parents aim to educate their children at home and aspire to provide an education at least as good, if not better, than the local school system. Apart from the monumental responsibility of being a parent and the primary educator…parents need to become proficient at a raft of subjects usually taught by specialist teachers.

In most subjects a parent needs to master a subject in order to teach it…science subjects, geography, mathematics all require the comprehension of complex  systems. Even in English the parent will need to have a grasp of what constitutes good English, grammar, spelling and articulation. It’s admirable but many home schools manage it, just fine.

Homeschooling Resources for Spanish and French

Language are a little bit different. It’s not easy for a parent to be fluent in a foreign language (if they aren’t already). But here’s the good news. Research shows that parents don’t have to be fluent in a second language to help their children learn (see Helping your child learn a language). Indeed, the child will benefit from you just learning alongside them.

What is more, research again suggests that one of the best ways to learn a language is to play games (see: What’s the best way to teach children a language?). So your lesson can be consist of playing as opposed to studying…and at the same time be more effective.

Award winning French and Spanish Homeschooling Resources

There is a language game that is ideally suited for homeschooling. It enables learners to start making Spanish or French sentences in seconds as well as build their vocabulary as they play. Amazingly they can learn Spanish or French up ten times faster than by using traditional methods. Indeed, parents can play and learn fast too. The game is called KLOO and it has won many awards, is the UK’s No 1 best selling foreign language game on Amazon UK and is increasingly used by many top schools.

It’s really fun too. Take a look.

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