New Year and a Fresh Approach to Learning a Language. Yes you can!

Learn French Spanish and Italian with KLOO games
The New Year is always a good time to take stock. What can we do differently? What can we do better? It’s true of life generally – and true of learning a language. There are always improvements we can make that will make the way we learn more enjoyable – more effective. And it can be easy! A little time thinking about ways to improve can pay off all year round.

What do you want to achieve?

Every year learning a language is one of the top ten things people wish to achieve in the year ahead. However many have already tried and been knocked back…then mistakenly believe they just cannot do it. The thing is you can – lots of people feel the same way:

“I would like for my lessons to be more engaging.”
“I would like to retain vocabulary more easily.”
“I would like for grammar principles to be quickly understood.”
“I would like to be able to talking out loud with confidence”
“I want learning a language to be fun”

Lots of language learners, like you, are finding KLOO ticks the boxes. In this game players score points by making sentences and learning words as fast as possible.

The result is lots of motivation, lots of fun and learning at a much faster rate!

You will be able to make grammatically correct sentences in seconds (yes seconds – see this video to see how); and building their vocabulary up to 10 X faster (see this video why).

Learn a French Spanish and Italian with KLOO

Time to Get Started….GO

New Year…Different Result 

They say a form of madness is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Give KLOO a try and see a different result this year. It’s so easy to start.

Special Offers

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KLOO: The Critics’ Choice

KLOO has won ToyTalk’s Best Board Game for the YearDr Toy’s Best Classic Game; the Academic Choice Award in the USA. Indeed it has won 9 top international awards – more than any other foreign language game. In terms of credentials for learning and fun – KLOO is hard to beat.


Play the Game. Speak the Language (and have some fun!)


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