Best words to learn in French, Spanish and Italian

With some well selected words you can go a long way in any language. At KLOO we think long and hard about the words we select to go into our games. Our aim is to give the player words that he or she can use in multiple situations.

When selecting words we always start with verbs. Each deck of our games comes with 20 verb cards (the red cards). Some words will work right across the language…others are limited. For example the verbs, to see, to look for, to want, to prefer, to hold…work in lots of different situations.

I see the red dress, I look for the red dress, I want the red dress, I prefer the red dress, I hold the red the dress.

These are great – multi-functional, trans-language verbs.

Learn Italian KLOO Cards

I look for the intelligent woman and the nice man

However lets pick other verbs – like to read, or to cook. You can see these work only in specific situations. I read the newspaper – yes. BUT I read the red dress, I cook the red dress…no! These verbs are semantically limited – and not trans-language.

We pack our games with trans-language verbs to give your language capability a real power boost.

After selecting our verbs – we focus on common nouns. Each deck of KLOO cards covers a specific topic such as People, Eating & Drinking, Places and Everyday Objects. So the nouns we choose will reflect these areas…So for Eating & Drinking we have the words for coffee, tea, water, meat, beef, fish, pizza, fruit etc etc.

Now we add in the adjectives to work with these nouns such as delicious, tasty and fresh.

Add some connectives (such as “and” and “as well as”) and then some expressions such “It’s true”…then we have all the elements to make many, many sentences.

KLOO cards help you learn French Spanish and Italian

It’s true! I would like the sweet cake and the fresh coffee

So with these rules in place, guess how many sentences you would be able to make with one deck of KLOO cards?

2.9 million.

That’s what we mean by giving you the building blocks to speak the language.

So the top 100 words in French, Spanish or Italian? Well we cheated a little – we give you 250 carefully selected words and in total you can make over 12 million sentences…….

Now we just need to turn it all into a game so that the learning is fun and effortless!

KLOO is Toytalk’s Best Board and Card game of the Year and has won more awards than any other language game – EVER.

Have fun!

Learn French Board Game from KLOO

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