Imagine you found languages really tough. Imagine you found learning vocabulary, gender, agreement, grammar and all things language totally bewildering. Imagine you don’t think you can do it. You switch off and decide to drop it as a subject. Many children and, indeed, adults feel this way.

Then Imagine This…

  • Now imagine that your teacher brings in a new game that makes language fun.
  • Imagine the game shows you, in seconds, how to easily make thousands of foreign sentences.
  • Imagine too that each time you played, you effortlessly picked up 15-25 important words.
  • Imagine the whole class loves it and you even have a thriving class competition.

This is  what MFL teachers say happens when they bring KLOO into the classroom.

I teach French as a foreign language at one of the Alliance Francaise and from home. I have class of primary school children, leaving certificate students and adults. I played the board game with them and they loved it. It’s absolutely brilliant! It’s fantastic! As a teacher, this game is the best language game ever!” Anne-Sophie, Alliance Francaise

“I discovered KLOO last year but really started to thoroughly use the game this Autumn Term and the word has spread! Pupils (of all abilities) want to play this game. I have been using it across the ability range and EVERYONE enjoyed it and my head of department congratulated me on making French so much fun. ” Anouk B, French Teacher, Worth School, W Sussex

 “I teach Spanish to students, ages 8-13, and the kids love this game! The color-coded cards correspond to parts of speech (easy grammar reinforcement! yay!) and allow all types of learners and skill levels to play. Beginners can form sentences without any knowledge of the language at all. Even my reluctant learners are motivated to figure out what the cards mean” Diana, Spanish Teacher, USA

“I like to end my lessons with something fun and a bit different than the rest of the lesson. I’ll often say to my students, “What would you like to do? Reading, a song, noughts and crosses, hangman, Kloo?” and 9 times out of 10, the answer is KLOO!! Not only do students love it but the progress they make when working from one deck to the next is brilliant.” Lindsay D, MFL Teacher, Northants

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