What’s the most potent tool for a Language Teacher?

What simple step can a language teacher take to make a big difference in student performance? What motivates children to try harder and increases their focus? What accelerates learning and teaches important grammar principles, without it ever feeling like hard work?

On top of all of that, what could help students to:

And what would make language lessons a lot of fun and make children alert with enthusiasm?

Teachers tell us that KLOO does. Many teachers have written about their experiences with KLOO and their glowing reports can be seen on Amazon UK and Amazon US.  You can judge for yourself.

Here is the very latest one regarding Race to Paris from a French speaking teacher at Alliance Francaise:

“I am a French native speaker and i teach French as a foreign language at one of the Alliance Francaise and from home. I have class of primary school children, leaving certificate students and adults. I played the board game with them and they loved it.
It’s absolutely brilliant! The younger kids don’t realise they are actually practising their French as they think they are playing, the leaving cert students revise their vocabulary, tenses and how to make a sentence and the adults are not shy to talk as the phonetics is helping them to pronounce correctly, so they feel confident when they are talking. I love the way you have so many different ways to play the game. It’s fantastic! As a teacher, this game is the best language game ever!” Anne-Sophie, French Teacher, Alliance

canada-language-case-study-mflTeachers are using KLOO in so many different ways with terrific results.

For more Independent Case Studies by MFL Teachers visit here

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Amazing how often this is forgotten.

What’s the best way to learn a language?

From a book? No

From a CD? No

An App? No

Computer? No

Phrase book? No, NO

Foreign TV? Absolutely not

Classroom whiteboards? Still no.

What then?

Find Out Here for the overlooked answer

Learning in the spotlight – Discovery Learning

Learn Italian Games with KLOO cards

With KLOO, the words you want to learn are revealed throughout the game. It means you discover meanings went you want to learn them. This is Discovery Learning, the way we learned our first language and the most powerful way to build vocabulary. It is so easy it feels effortless.

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