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Give your career a boost with a second language

Second Languages are good for your career

There are lots of reasons for learning a second language.

A language will let you see the world through different lenses, allow you to appreciate other cultures and even bestows mental health benefits.

It can also have a profound impact on your employment prospects, career and income – more so than other academic subjects.

If you want to give your prospects a boost – employers look for competence in second languages as a way of sifting through CVs. If you have a child who will be embarking on their future career, then a language helps him or her stand out in the jobs market.

A recent report in Personnel Today stated that not only are job prospects better for candidates with language skills, but their average wage is higher than for graduates with degrees in Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Engineering after as little as 3 years! And you don’t have to be word perfect to get the job. The Guardian reports that Confederation of British Industry (CBI) found that 74% of employers recruit applicants with conversational ability rather than fluent.

Getting started

Taking the first step is important…and many don’t even take the first step because they mistakenly believe they don’t have the skills to learn a second language. If this sounds like you then read our Language Myth Busters. It is essential that you realise, from the outset, that you are absolutely and 100% capable – as anyone else would be. The secret is making time and how you go about it.

The tools you use make the biggest impact on the outcome

If you have had a bad experience learning a language before – it doesn’t have to be that way…with the right tools it can be fun and you can learn very fast.

Many language learners and teachers are talking about KLOO. It has a new and innovative approach to language learning and the results are outstanding. Just yesterday, I received this from a native French speaker, teaching French at the Alliance Francaise. She bought our Race to Paris Game three weeks ago and teaches all different ages and capabilities. This is what this very experienced teacher says:

languages help your careers“I have class of primary schools children, leaving certificate students and adults. I played the board game with them and they loved it. It’s absolutely brilliant! The younger kids don’t realise they are actually practising their french as they think they are playing, the leaving cert students revise their vocabulary, tense and how to make a sentence and the adults are not shy to talk as the phonetics is helping them to pronounce correctly so they feel confident when they are talking. I love the way you have so many different ways to play the game. It’s fantastic! As a teacher, this game is the best language game ever! ” Anne-Sophie Harris

Just Play. And Learn

Learn French Spanish Italian or English with KLOO

Ready. Set. GO! Learn French , Spanish and Italian Fast through KLOO Games

You can use KLOO as an absolute beginner or use it to take your language skills to the next level. You’ll learn hundreds of words, be able to make thousands of sentence (in seconds) and you won’t ever feel like you’re studying or working. Just play and learn. The language learning principles embedded inside each game are very powerful, which means you can sit back and enjoy playing as you learn.

Vouchers Valid Today!

May I wish you the best of luck. Learning a language is a challenge but can be fun and even addictive – in the same way that crosswords and Sudoku problems are. It gets under your skin – and that’s a good thing! I find myself circling back on Italian, not as a chore but as a challenge I want to succeed at. To get you started we have Special Voucher Codes which are valid Today on any KLOO products. Have fun.

French, Spanish and Italian Games you might consider

If you’re learning French, Spanish or Italian take a look at our award-winning language games. They make learning fast and easy and within seconds you’ll be able to make thousands of sentences to score points.

KLOO Race to Paris Language Board Game

KLOO Race to Madrid Language Board Game

Italian KLOO Combo Pack

Learning in the spotlight – Discovery Learning

Learn Italian Vocabulary with KLOO cardsWith KLOO, the words you want to learn are revealed throughout the game. It means you discover meanings went you want to learn them. This is Discovery Learning, the way we learned our first language and the most powerful way to build vocabulary. It is so easy it feels effortless.

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