Short answer: Yes

Let’s face it, language learning can be hard. To be competent you need to learn strange words; comprehend grammar, as well as learn the skills to speak, listen and read. It can be overwhelming – and for many people it is. The terminology of language, I think, is most off-putting: definitive articles, first person plural, pluperfect, the gerund, imperfect subjunctive! If I am honest I still have to stop and think whenever confronted with such terms. If that’s not enough to scare away a budding new learner, I don’t know what is.

Is there a way of getting people into a language which is less threatening, more fun and still effective. Well yes there is – and it’s when its not like learning at all.

Learn French with KLOO Race to Paris Board GameKLOO has won a host of awards for being fun (indeed it won Toytalk Board or Card Game of the Year)…and has won accolades from teachers from all sorts of schools (private, grammar, state, language schools, primary and secondary) because it is effective at delivering important language principles and building vocabulary.

With KLOO, children or adults can learn to make sentences in French, Spanish or Italian in seconds even if they are absolute beginners (see the video below)! What is more, they can effortlessly build vocabulary as they play by harnessing the power of discovery learning. Typically a learner will learn 15 Р25 words in a single game.

So no work, study or writing. But a lot of fun with a lot of learning.

Below you will see two videos to show the smart language learning principles underpinning KLOO games.

How to make Spanish Sentences in Seconds – even if you’re a beginner

How to learn French words as you play KLOO

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