Coach to the sports stars, Jamie Edwards, explains why top coaches learn languages

Jamie Edwards is a top mind coach

Jamie Edwards coach to the stars

I sat down to coffee with my good friend Jamie Edwards. It is always a pleasure to spend time with Jamie – if there is something not right in your life – Jamie can help you deal with it. His skill for getting your mind straight has made him a highly sought after business, sport and life coach. He coaches directors of FTSE 100 companies, mentors the children of famous celebrities and has helped train some of the UK’s best known sportsmen. Freddie Flintoff, Lewis Moody and new Liverpool Manager, Brendan Rodgers, have all used Jamie to improve performance. So when Jamie says something – I tend to listen.

It’s gold dust.

I was really interested therefore when Jamie told me that languages are not a “nice to have” but a “must have” tool for the world’s best sports coaches. Jose Mourinho, the Real Madrid Coach, speaks 5 languages and considers it to be one of the main reasons behind his immense success. If you want to motivate, be understood, explain tactics, build a relationship with your multi-national squad – it’s not good enough to expect everyone to learn English – that’s lazy and doesn’t work. When you engage in their language – you connect. Mourinho told Jamie for any international coach to be truly successful at the highest level – he must speak as many languages as he can – but more than two is essential.

Brendan Rogers speaks Spanish

Brendan Rodgers is fluent in Spanish

Interestingly, Brendan Rodgers, the new coach at Liverpool FC, used to work with Mourinho and he is equally adamant that language is an essential part of his toolkit. He is fluent in Spanish and conversant in Italian and wants to learn more.

Jamie is not standing still on this issue. He has taken KLOO to learn Spanish (and also KLOO Reader Cards to help his young daughter to learn to read!).

A language game that makes learning a language fast and fun

Learn Spanish KLOO Games

Making a Spanish sentence with KLOO is easy

Another thing Jamie knows a thing or two about is the power of games and competition to help improve performance. He loves the fact that KLOO is a game. The longer your sentences and the faster you build your vocabulary, the more points you score. Knowing Jamie he’ll have a vocabulary of several hundred words and be able to create thousands of sentences before you can say mañana

If you’re interested in learning a language take a look at KLOO. Below is a short video which shows how KLOO uses discovery learning to help build your vocabulary. It’s easy.

If you want the services of Jamie Edwards you can contact him through his website Trained Brain. He is one of the nicest people you’ll ever talk to.

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