Good Games improve your performance.

Competitive Games improve performance

Best Games motivate you to do better

Lurking inside us is a hidden warrior. He’s the guy or gal who doesn’t like to be beat. Kids let him out all the time. Have you ever seen kids playing? They will compete at anything: “How many times can you say the alphabet in one breath? First one to touch the car door wins! I bet I can throw this stone farther than you?”

As we get older we like to think that we leave the competitive streak behind and we become more civil. The warrior is locked away.

Best Board Games and Educational Value

For many of us that remains true – until we start to play a board game!….Suddenly that competitive guy is out and running rampage because we humans are hard wired to compete and we like to win. This is the reason why board games are of such huge educational value. They heighten our mental capacities, we engage for longer, we try harder and learn faster. Before we even start to assess the merits of any particular game, it has built in advantages over other educational materials.

The Game Effect: From reserved person to wild coyote in one afternoon

In my previous job, as Managing Director at IMG, I saw this phenomenon frequently. When I met certain executives at their workplace, they would be calm, collected and the very essence of business cool. A few weeks later, after we had set them a challenge in the great outdoors, we would see these same individuals roaring round the countryside like wild coyotes. Same person, different personality. The inner warrior had been let lose and he was having a ball.

Best Games will get more from yourself and others

If you are looking for greater passion, more engagement from staff, from pupils, from whomever – think about turning your objective into a competitive game and let the warriors out.

Teaching with Games

And if you are a teacher and you want to unleash the competitive streak in children so they learn faster and with more enthusiasm – introduce some games. The results can be astonishing.

Language Learning Games in French, Spanish and English

Make useful foreign sentences with French KLOO cards

Easy way to make French Sentences

We have created Board and Card Games that teach a language as you play.  You create sentences to score points and then translate to win more points and power little motor cars in a race to Paris, Madrid or London. Children and adults learn double fast as they try to win the game. Actually you can play 16 different games with one deck of cards. Check out how easy it is to make a French Sentence below.

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