Many people find learning a second language stressful. But it need not be!

Relax. Learning a language doesn't have to be stressful.

Relax. Learning a language doesn’t have to be stressful.

Ever noticed how kids don’t get stressed about trying to speak a second language? Expats will tell how their kids get stuck right in – trying to communicate with other kids – not giving a hoot about the nuances of the language. And they learn fast

Adults however worry about the grammar, their accent, vocabulary and making a fool of themselves. Getting the language wrong is embarrassing (in their own minds). So they set about trying to learn the language as if it’s a machine. They learn all the words from lists and learn phrases by rote. They know how to say “Where is the bathroom, please”…but try and say something off the cuff like “On the contrary, I would prefer to eat the lemon cake” – Never! Much, much too difficult. They need to collect all the words, then marshal them in the right order, then make them agree in gender, then worry about the pronunciation etc etc. So mechanical and so difficult. Better just take the cake that is offered – I can say “Yes thank you.” (Shame that lemon cake looked delicious!)

And so they stay in their comfort zones and their language learning stops at stock set phrases. What a shame.

However if they could perhaps forget about the language for a minute and just play with it. Don’t worry about making mistakes. Forget about the grammar – and just learn words as you go along – well that might work. It does work.

Learn French Game for adults

Adults learn by playing KLOO

KLOO takes all the pressure of learning a language and puts it into a game. You just play and you’ll learn naturally as you play. Within seconds you’ll be making your own sentences – and learn how to make thousands of them. Your vocabulary will effortlessly swell and yes the sentence above will be as easy as, well, eating cake!

KLOO is a big hit with adults and children….because its fun….and because it takes away all the stress of learning a language.

See how easy it is to make a sentence below. Take a look at the range of games. Have fun!


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