How to speak a language – Children say it best

I had the privilege to visit Trafalgar Junior School in Richmond England recently to watch children learning Spanish with KLOO.  It was a really humbling to see such enthusiasm for the game – of both the young students and their wonderful teachers.  You can watch how the school uses KLOO here.

I enjoyed going round the tables and asking what they were learning. One girl set about explaining the game to me….as children often do – she made it so simple.

So this is how you make sentences with KLOO from a child’s perspective. And by following her rules, you are ready to make 2.9 million sentences with one deck of KLOO cards. This is what her Spanish teacher said:

KLOO is a multi-award winning game that makes learning Spanish, French or Italian fast, easy and fun. Following the video above you are already ready to make millions of sentences and start scoring points!

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