James Bond or Jason Bourne – Multi-linguals are very common in Hollywood

How many times have we seen films in which the hero switches seamlessly and unexpectedly into a second language? James Bourne or James Bond. It’s a common Hollywood trick – along with playing chess – for suggesting high intelligence.

I have recently been watching House of Cards and in Series 1, a billionaire suddenly starts talking Chinese on the phone. There were no subtitles but he seemed to be negotiating. Even though it was a TV stunt – I was impressed. It looked cool and intelligent.

Learning a second language can be cool

You speak Russian Mr Bond

But don’t be fooled into thinking a second language is super human or beyond your reach. Second languages are actually common place are definitely within your reach. They can be attained with application and the right resources….Guess what percentage of the world speaks more than one language. I was astonished.

KLOO has some great language games in French Spanish and Italian to help get you started. You’ll learn hundreds of words and learn how to make sentences in seconds. Too good to be true? Nope…take a look at the animated videos below to see how easy it is. Even if you’re an absolute beginner.

Be like an action hero, learn a second language and have fun!

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