learn French Spanish or Italian language with KLOO MFL GamesI know how much you all love to learn foreign language vocabulary so I thought I would provide you with some links to some ‘Halloween’ themed vocab.  It’s not long now until All Hallow’s Eve is here……so  how about you challenge yourself to learn some of these new words by then?

 French Halloween Words

  •   On the Quizlet website there is a set of Halloween themed flashcards that you can view online and then quiz yourself. An example of the vocabulary is :-  Un loupgarou means a werewolf and Une lune entire means a full moon.  There are loads more sets of flashcards with even more French Halloween vocab – You can see them all here.
  • This fun animated song video  ‘La chanson des squelettes ‘ by BabelZone will make you smile. It has skeletons in so I would say that it is suited to Halloween. :o)  It is very catchy and it has the lyrics pop up on the screen so you can sing along!

Italian Halloween Words

Spanish Halloween Words

  • There is another Halloween song on You Tube that I think you’ll all like. It’s called ‘Los Monstruos’ and it has Spanish lyrics on screen (if you click to enable them).

On the Enchanted Learning website they have a list of Halloween words in English. This would be useful for any of you who are learning English as a second language but it can also be used by us native English speakers as we can use the words on the list as an excuse to go searching through our dictionary for the word meanings in our target language.

learn French Spanish or Italian language with KLOO MFL GamesHope you all enjoy learning the Halloween words in the foreign language that you are studying.

If you want to make a fun game of the process of learning vocab then please take a look at our KLOO Language games we sell on our website – www.kloogame.com.  They are available in French, Spanish, Italian and English (as a second language).

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