Putting life into learning languages

I spotted two things this week. Firstly, Hugh Reilly wrote in the Scotsman this week about how he couldn’t wait to give up languages at school and now just says “Non” to languages. He found language learning mind-numbingly boring. This coincided with me noticing that a teacher on a linkedin forum was asking other MFL teachers how he could make his language lessons more  interesting. He said his lessons were “lifeless”.

So we have a teacher who says his lessons are lifeless and an ex-student who says that language lessons gave him “recurring bouts of educational ennui.”

It’s predictable but totally avoidable.

fire the imagination when learning through games

Play games to enliven class

On the contrary, there is a pretty sure fire way to make lessons productive and fun: turn learning a language into a game. With a really good game students will lose themselves inside the game and quite forget they are learning a language. At the same time their senses are heightened, they become more focused and learn more swiftly.

Here is what some teachers have said about one particular game:

“Worth every penny and every minute!
What I like best is the fact that everyone can be successful at something. I have been using it across the ability range and EVERYONE enjoyed it.”

“Our academy based its teaching on the communicative approach and for this, the KLOO game is an amazing tool. Students build sentences easily and gain in confidence rapidly. Highly recommended!”

“My students quickly became engrossed in the game and were correcting each others sentences in a way that would make an Ofsted inspector proud!”

“When you have played the first set, you’ll know why I had to buy the next set.”

“I bought a couple of sets of KLOO at the language show and the language assistant plays it with the students, all ages and abilities. They absolutely love it!”

No boredom. Just learning fast while having fun.

A Sure Fire MFL Resource – KLOO Language Games

The game is KLOO. It has actually won more awards that any other foreign language game ever including ToyTalk’s best Board or Card Game. You can buy on amazon (where you can see some of the quotes above) or at our website.

Watch how you can learn words with KLOO’s breakthrough game:

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